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At Minnekirken, we have a variety of ways for the youth of our congregation to get involved, be included, and learn more about the Kingdom of God:

  • CHILDREN'S LESSON: A weekly Children's Lesson during our 11am Church Services. The Pastor applies the sermon topics in a way that clearly conveys the message, even to the youngest worshipers.

  • PLAYROOM: In our first floor community hall, Minnekirken has a designated Playroom Corner with toys and activities, where the kids can play and hang out during all our events and services.

  • FANTASTISK 4 SUNDAY SCHOOL for elementary school-age children: Meets most every fourth Sunday of the school year at 11 a.m. These Sundays are also the days our 11 a.m. service is designated Family Worship.

  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: For four evenings every summer during the school break, Minnekirken invites all children to participate in our Vacation Bible School, 'Expedition Norway.' The kids learn more about the Christian Faith and Norwegian culture in a fun, interactive, and engaging way. Snacks and dinner are served each day.

  • MISSION BACKPACK: Each year, Minnekirken does this reversed advent devotional, gathering kids' school supplies that we donate to neighborhood families. Kids use school supplies in order to do their best in their school work. Those same supplies that are used for Math, English, and Spelling, can be reminders of our faith this Advent season. Download the PDF info sheet here.

  • ST. LUCIA: Each year, as part of our Fantastisk 4 Sunday School program, Minnekirken conducts a children's St. Lucia celebration and procession. Prior to the celebration, we bake the traditional Santa Lucia sweet buns, called Lussekatter. The Saturday prior to the Santa Lucia Day, December 13, we go to Norwood Crossing Nursing Home to participate in their procession and celebration. The following day, during and after our Sunday Worship Service, we celebrate at Minnekirken. Traditional Santa Lucia costumes and lights are provided for all participating kids and teens.​​

  • HOLY SACRAMENTS: At Minnekirken, we conduct both baptisms and confirmations. The Confirmation program is a version of Milestones Ministry, in which kids meet over the years leading up making their confirmation to learn about various topics related to the Christian tradition, such as baptism and communion. After each meeting, they receive a beautiful handmade 'milestone' representing the topics they have covered that day. They also receive a beautiful handmade bowl where they can collect their earned milestones. By Confirmation day, each student will have a full bowl!

If your children or teens are interested in joining any of these events, or if you have questions or concerns, or would just like some additional information, we welcome you to reach out.

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