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Donate to Minnekirken

Checks may be made payable to "Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church" and mailed to:


c/o Administration
2614 N Kedzie Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60647

To donate via PayPal, send money to ""

Send a donation via Chase QuickPay:

  1. Access Chase QuickPay via the Chase mobile app or website

  2. Select/Click to "Send Money" via "E-mail"

  3. Enter the recipient name as "The Norwegian Memorial Lutheran Church"

  4. Enter recipient e-mail address as ""

Thank you for your interest in supporting Minnekirken!

Restoration Project

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Minnekirken's Restoration Project! We received many donations of money, time, and expertise, and without all of these the project would not have been possible. In April 2022, we were thrilled to officially re-open the church after its extensive renovation. Tusen Takk!

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