Minnekirken spring


Often referred to as 'The Red Church', Minnekirken, or The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Chicago, is proud to adorn the vibrant and diverse Logan Square neighborhood.

Being one of the Logan Square hallmarks, only steps away from the Logan Square Blue Line CTA station, this Lutheran congregation have celebrated their Norwegian roots for more than a 100 years.

Although Norwegian, it is important for the congregation of Minnekirken that everyone feels welcome here.


The single most important focus at Minnekirken is: Gud er kjærlighet/God is love, painted, as a reminder of this core Biblical message, in beautiful letters above our altar space. 

Although all services are bilingual, having elements of both English and Norwegian, they are is primarily in English. When having elements in Norwegian, we always provide translations. The only exception to this is when singing from the Norwegian Lutheran Hymnal, but most of the hymns sung in any given service will be from the American Lutheran Hymnal. 

The liturgy we use for our services, provided in both English and Norwegian, is what they use in Lutheran Churches in Norway. Each service includes a Children's Lesson and we have Communion every second and fourth Sunday of each month. 


To learn more about our ministres, our ​weekly, monthly and annual events, how you can get involved and/or membership, we invite you to explore our 'EVENTS' and 'MINISTRY' tabs.

Minnekirken's congregation is diverse in age, socio-politic background, ethnic and cultural heritage, and previous denominational affiliation, which makes Minnekirken a unique and beautiful representation of its community, while also reflecting and sharing its Norwegian heritage. 

We hope you want to come visit us and that you too will find a church home with us here at 'The Red Church'! Velkommen!