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From Norwegian singing societies to Ray Nilsen’s Sonshine Singers to our current music ministries, Minnekirken has always had a heart for great music, both sacred and cultural. Between our seasonal adult choir, our two annual concerts, and numerous special events featuring performers and choirs from Norway and elsewhere, we make the most of our sanctuary’s acoustic excellence!

Our Music Director, Dr. Yeeseon Kwon, coordinates our music program with the help of our Pastor, Klokker, children’s choir director, and others. All are welcome to participate in our choirs, as well as to volunteer other special music as would be fitting to our church and cultural traditions.

On occasion and with approval from our Church Council, we have also welcomed outside performers to schedule recitals, concerts, and other musical events at Minnekirken.

In general…

  • Minnekirken’s Seasonal Adult Choir begins practicing on Sunday mornings before the 11:00 a.m. worship service two months ahead of our early December Christmas Concert and our May 17th, Syttende Mai — Norwegian Constitution Day Concert. Please email Dr. Kwon with any questions you might have about this choir.

  • Aside from our acoustics, Minnekirken’s proximity to public transportation — as well as all of the amenities of the Logan Square neighborhood — positions us as a prime venue for visiting performers, such as the Nidarosdomens Jentekor. Any desire to use Minnekirken for special performances, or to participate in our concerts and worship services, should be channeled through our Church Council and Pastor by contacting the church office.

Links to other local Norwegian singing societies:

Bjornson Male Chorus - Men's Chorus
Grieg Ladies Singing Society—Women's Chorus
Normennenes Singing Society—Men's Chorus

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