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Minnekirken in the News:


Preservation Chicago

With Major Construction Coming To Logan Square Hub, Neighborhood’s Historic ‘Red Church’ Needs Your Help


WIN: Landmarks Commission Announces 2019 Adopt-a-Landmark Fund Grantees

Four Neighborhood Landmarks Awarded Preliminary Grants
Minnekirken and Norske Klub by Chicago Bike Adventures 

Neighborhood Landscapes by Local Artist on Display at Buona Terra

Chicago’s Minnekirken endures at Logan Square

What’s Going on in Logan

Choose Chicago

Open House Chicago

History of Logan Square Chicago  - "The Famous Minnekirken!"

LGNSQ:  A photography book about the people and places that define Logan Square

Logan Dogs: A Comic Postcard featuring Minnekirken


Minnekirken by artist Stuart Fullerton

A Free History Lesson: Logan Architectural Gems

The 50 most beautiful buildings in Chicago - #48 Minnekirken

Community Area 22: Logan Square

Chicago and Museum Views of Minnekirken


Logan Square Walkabout

Open House Chicago

Old Photos Of Chicago's Norwegians

Meeting Norwegian immigrants in Logan Square: Estelle’s story


Church on the Square Restores Stained Glass Windows

Historic Logan Square Church Windows Given New Life By Community

Flateyjarbók—preserving our heritage


Norwegian Sweaters and Sweets

Stadig færre rundt grøtfatet

Norwegian Constitution Day Parade


The 50 most beautiful buildings in Chicago: 50-41 - Time Out Chicago Readers Poll

Solveig Øvstebø at the Renaissance Society

'Norwegians in Chicago' – New exhibit of art & culture open during the weekends in August


Nordic Warmth

The Spiritual Traveler


Chicago`s Proud Norwegian Heritage


Norwegian Independence Day ceremony at Norwegian Memorial Lutheran Church, Minnekirken

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