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All items available in the Minnekirken Kjosk have been donated, and all purchases are considered donations to the church.

New for 2023! We have two wine tastings to auction off.
Please scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.

Silent Auction

Wine Tasting for 12 People

Bid on this opportunity to host a wine tasting in your home or place of business for up to 12 people. PRP Wine International will bring 8 bottles of wine plus their knowledge of the wine industry. Their friendly associates will be ready to enjoy your company. 


You provide a place to hold the sampling, a wine glass for each person attending, water, and pens. This is a simple, fun event which lasts approximately 2 hours. You keep any remaining wine from the sampling. Opportunity to purchase wine by the case will be available.

Your location must be within 1 hour drive of Naperville, IL.


PRP Wine International promotes small, family-owned vineyards from around the globe. They provide high-quality wines that contain no added sugars or sulfites.


There are 2 wine tasting opportunities available for silent auction. The two highest bids received will win the auction.

Bidding starts at $150. If you would like to offer a bid, please complete the form below.

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