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A Thank You Token
By Lynn Sove Maxson
During the excitement of the recent Minnekirken restoration, Tom and I wanted to contribute something to encourage donations. We thought a rosemaled ornament of the church would be appropriate. I have studied rosemaling for many years, and I enjoy teaching and demonstrating it. We sent my sketch to a wood worker, Dennis Green, in Decorah, IA who cut them out. Then we checked  samples of paint to match the church color. Tom sanded and  backgrounded the ornaments. While talking to a friend in Colorado, she offered to rosemal some of the ornaments for us. My friend, Ellen Kerbs, is a Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum Gold Medalist in Rosemaling. We would like to encourage  people to donate $250 or more for  the church’s much needed restoration. As a token thanks, you will receive an original rosemaled Minnekirken ornament. There will be a limited number of ornaments available.


It is exciting to see all who love and have fond memories of Minnekirken.  Through the years, the services in this house of worship and all the great events have given so much to so many. In fact, Tom and I were married in Minnekirken thirty years ago this year. We have been actively involved through those years. Please come and join us and share in this wonderful congregation and warm glow of God. Here is to the next century of Minnekirken. Thank you!

Facade Restoration Rosemaled Ornament

  • As a special incentive to promote church donations of $250 or more, members Lynn Sove Maxson and her husband Tom created this beautiful heirloom quality ornament. Now also available for a purchase price of $30 each without the donation.


    - dimensions: 5" x 3"

    - made of basswood

    - hand painted

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